Take Control Of Your Web Hosting

May 22, 2019

What Is Web Hosting?

If you are not familiar with the transaction that occurs each and every time you visit a new webpage, it all starts from the browser. When you navigate to a URL on the web, your internet browser works hard to locate the web server that is hosting the page you want to see, download all of the files that make up that website, and render them onto your screen. When people talk about web hosting, they are typically referring to the server that holds all of the files that make up a website. Most of the larger well known hosting companies typically obscure the fact that they are providing physical server space to their customers by implementing easy to use, sometimes proprietary user interfaces. At the end of the day, all web hosting involves one or many computers (servers) waiting online to send out the HTML, CSS, and Javascript files that form a website to the next browser that asks for it.

What Makes a Good Web Host?

Because the servers that provide web hosting are simply internet connected computers, most of the qualities of high end personal computers are also desirable in a web host. Fast processors, adequate amounts of RAM, quick hard drive or solid state drive storage, and a lightning fast internet connection are all staples of servers offered by a good web host.

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The Major Hosting Providers Don’t Reveal the Server Information on Affordable Hosting Offerings.

Most of the major hosting providers like GoDaddy and Hostgator will simply tell you that their web hosting options are ‘shared’. What does this mean? Just as the moniker implies, shared hosting means that your website will be on the same server as hundreds, sometimes thousands, of other websites. That translates to painfully slow loading times for your website visitors. Slow loading times leads to undesirable outcomes such as poor rankings in search engines, and high visitor bounce rate. Not only will less people find your website, but the ones who do are likely to leave sooner in frustration according to research performed by Google.

Should I Just Pay the Extra Fee for a Dedicated Server?

Chances are that you’ve noticed ‘dedicated’ server options offered at a premium price from the major hosting providers. On dedicated server offerings, you typically will see the useful information about the server hardware that allows you to shop around for the best available options, and your website gets the entire server to itself typically lending to fast website loading times! Perfect, right? In most cases, the answer is no. To compare dedicated servers you will need extensive knowledge about server computer hardware, and that’s not to mention a dedicated server is overkill for most websites! Mastery of tools like the command line, cPanel, and phpMyAdmin are also required to even get your website up on one of these dedicated servers!

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Doomed to a Slow Website Forever.

Given the circumstances, most people figure that they are stuck with a slow loading website forever. There is seemingly no middle ground between shared and dedicated server (hosting) options.

Option 3?

Fortunately, there is a 3rd option for people who want a fast website with the pricing and convenience of shared hosting. We often suggest that our customers get their website up on the cloud to take advantage of the incredible website speeds and affordable pricing! The two major cloud options are the Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services. So if it’s fast and affordable, why doesn’t everyone use the cloud? To put it simply, the process of getting your website up on the cloud is complicated and comes with a steep learning curve. It has the cost benefits of shared hosting, the speed benefits of dedicated hosting, but a massive barrier to entry. Back to square one? Absolutely not! Don’t let the elaborate setup process prevent you from taking advantage of the cloud’s benefits! An experienced cloud hosting manager can relieve you of the laborious web hosting responsibilities, while ensuring that your website is set up on the fastest and most affordable cloud hosting solution.

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Where Do I Find a Cloud Hosting Manager?

Finding an experienced cloud hosting manager is the first step to obtaining a lighting fast website at affordable prices. Your search should revolve around locating an expert that can quickly determine the best cloud hosting solution for specific needs, and reliably deploy your website onto that solution with minimal downtime. Vertex Visibility has been deploying websites to the cloud since its inception, and we pride ourselves for having been at the forefront of this wonderful technology advancement! Give us a call, our advisors are happy to help you begin the process of getting your website onto the cloud. Speak with an expert cloud hosting manager, and start taking advantage of the incredible speed and cost benefits of cloud hosting without the hassle of doing it yourself!