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What Is a Citation?

Simply put, a citation is an online reference to your business, including the name and contact details. Google takes citations into account when it's deciding how to rank your business in search results. While links need to direct people to your website, this isn't necessary for your business information. They can help your search engine rankings and your website authority without even linking back to your site. In addition to full citations, you can also have partial citations, which only includes part of your name, address and phone number. A partial citation won't damage your business reputation, but it's not as helpful as a full citation.

To get your citations to be as beneficial as possible, they get matched with the information that you have on your website as closely as possible. These are two key locations to make sure that you have your contact details listed. You can choose any format for your citations, whether you want to display it vertically or horizontally or put your information in a particular order. However, it's most helpful if you consistently use the same format in different places.

The Importance of Citations

Citations are an essential factor to take into account when you're looking for new ways to improve the SEO for your site. It's one of the things that Google uses to rank sites in search engine results. The more your website is visible online, the more Google will see it as a trustworthy and authoritative site. In particular, they regard websites that are relevant to your location or business area to be the most valuable. Citations are also one of the ways that Google checks that they have accurate information for their local business listings. They can make sure the information is correct by comparing it against the information across different websites.

In addition to helping Google's algorithm, citations are also useful for humans. They help to increase your online presence, and give you more places to be found online.

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Where to Get Citations

So where can you make sure that your business information is listed online? Well, Vertex Visibility launches your citations with the same business information across all of the directories we offer. These directories list your business, and might be general services or could be specific to your industry or service. However, there are also various other places where you can have your business details cited. These include press releases, guest blogs and articles, and more.

Citation Management

Citation management is an important part of collecting citations for your site. The problem with citations is that if you have a lot of them, it can be hard to keep track of them. If something about your business changes, such as the address or phone number, it means that all of your citations are no longer correct. People can also cite your details incorrectly, and you might not have the ability to change it. With our citation management service, you can make sure that your business is listed in the right places and with the correct details.

Ensure that your potential customers can find you all across the web with our citation management.

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