How to Boost Instagram Engagement

Given that one billion individuals use Instagram each month, there is a significant opportunity to boost ROI, particularly if you do it well. There is much more to growing engagement than just getting more likes, comments, shares, and follows. Here’s how to make it simple for people to find your Instagram page.

Post often

Brand voice and tone are crucial on Instagram. Your fans will start to doubt the sincerity of your brand if you make even a small change to your voice and tone. Maintaining consistency can significantly raise Instagram engagement.

Recently, it has become even more difficult to trick the Instagram algorithm. Increasing engagement can seem pointless since posts are no longer sorted by posting frequency but rather by the pages where viewers are more likely to interact with your page. For instance, if one of your followers starts to visit and engage with the posts on a competitor’s page, your postings won’t appear as frequently on their feed.

If you want to boost Instagram engagement, you must maintain a regular posting schedule. Understanding Instagram analytics in-depth will help you learn more about your audience and choose the ideal publishing times for your business.

In addition to giving you more time to focus on your strengths, hiring a staff to handle your social media will drive interaction on Instagram and other platforms like few other things can.

Social media, without a doubt, affects how your audience perceives your brand. By using target points, you can ensure that your audience has the best possible impression of you. Every step of the way, from developing personalized content to crafting reports to monitoring monthly performance, we’ll be there for you.

Always interact with your audience

Responses to your posts’ likes, comments, and shares should all be made in some fashion, preferably with a comment, though a like is still preferable to nothing. As a result, you ought to remark on any posts that mention your company, whether they are tagged or shared on Instagram stories.

Your brand’s ROI must increase when your audience feels heard and understood (as a result of your personal touch). Additionally, it will increase their likelihood of interacting with your brand in the future.

This is something that many brands successfully do.

Get in touch with the appropriate crowd

Having the appropriate connections with your audience is far more crucial than having a large following. A well-chosen following that is interested in your messages and brand is priceless.

There’s no telling how many followers you can gain with the correct strategy, content, and tone – and followers who are in your exact target market no less. The best method to do this is by using hashtags to gain followers naturally.


Using hashtags on Instagram can increase brand visibility. They help you establish relationships with followers outside of your network, expose new people to your business, and cultivate a foundation of devoted customers.

However, hashtag strategy is not that straightforward. You’ll need to discover the “correct” hashtags, use them, and know how many to use. And always remember to test frequently and change up your hashtag groups.

Growing your Instagram following is challenging, especially in the beginning. You’ll need to try a lot of different things before you find what works for you.

To have an audience alone is insufficient. You’ll also need engagement, and genuine engagement can only be achieved by forging true connections.

Instagram engagement types:

  • Saves
  • Shares/Likes/Comments/Followers
  • Mentions
  • Customized hashtags
  • Click-throughs
  • DMs

Using Hootsuite or Instagram Insights analytics, you may gather information about your Instagram engagement and discover new strategies to boost it.

What is an engagement rate, though? An Instagram engagement rate lets you know how many people have interacted with your content, such as the proportion of individuals who noticed your post and commented on it. Depending on what you want to accomplish, you can determine Instagram engagement rates using a variety of metrics, including reach, impressions, followers, or posts.

So, what constitutes a good Instagram engagement rate? Hootsuite offers advice on how to boost Instagram engagement in their blog, estimating it to be between 1 and 5 percent.

According to Hootsuite and the overall average Instagram interaction rates for business accounts in 2021, which are listed below:

Types of Instagram posts: 0.82 percent
Instagram picture posts: 0.81%
posts with videos: 0.61 percent
11% of the posts on the carousel

Be truthful

People use social media, especially now, to connect with others. Being honest, authentic, and true to your brand is the most crucial component of any successful business Instagram “plan.” Don’t market. Instead, offer each person the respect they deserve, and they will return the favor.

To maximize engagement on Instagram, it also helps to use humorous captions and to embrace your mistakes (with maintaining a sense of humor, of course).

Carousels are ubiquitous

Instagram posts with numerous images are known as carousels, and they have been shown to improve interaction.

According to Hootsuite’s social team, an Instagram carousel post gets 3.1 times more engagement than standard posts.

It might be related to the algorithm’s practice of reserving these kinds of postings for followers who didn’t interact with them the first time, giving them a second or third chance to make an impact.


Social media is a powerful tool if used correctly. It can be the key you need to unlock your future success. If you don’t know how to get started, that’s okay, we do! Get in contact with us today!

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