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Is Print Marketing Still Lucrative?

Has print marketing followed DVDs into oblivion? Zero chance! In fact, by making print marketing the core of their whole plan, intelligent businesses may boost their outcomes. Digital and hard copies have different advantages when it comes to building brand recognition, among other things.


Target Marketing: It is simpler to target particular markets when using printed materials. By giving your most important clients brochures, catalogs, and flyers, you can position your brand where you want it. Personal introductions on letterhead from your business are more memorable than emails that, once opened, are quickly forgotten.

Visibility – Once read, industry-specific content you supply is typically not discarded. It is more likely to be retained and remains in place as a tangible reminder of your company. A surefire strategy to ensure that your brand is remembered is to keep your logo in front of your customers on a frequent basis.

Print marketing offers variety and is not just for screens. There are many different print media available to spread your message. There are practically endless products that can be employed, in addition to the standard business cards, letterheads, and brochures. Consider pens, coffee cups, and caps.

Print is simpler to read and absorb than digital, according to a study on information retention. It encourages a more critical evaluation of what is read. One explanation for this is that, unlike while browsing the web, the reader is not attempting to multitask. Additionally, it has been found that print marketing improves memory compared to digital marketing.

High Response Rate: According to studies, print marketing still has a greater ROI than digital marketing. In comparison to digital, it also increases brand remember. Compared to digital marketing, printed postal advertisements are more frequently responded to.

Print media still enjoys a higher level of confidence than online advertisements. Think about how much simpler it is to hand someone a flyer than it is to click on an online advertisement.

Link to Your Online Presence – Print advertising gives you the chance to link to your website. To connect offline behaviors to your online presence, utilize tracking URLs and QR codes.


There is no question about the effectiveness of real, physical print media. The aforementioned points have been supported by a number of studies. Using both print and digital marketing together will increase response rates.

There is a role for both print and digital marketing in business, and each is enhanced by the other. Utilizing the advantages of printed materials to support your business will help you succeed.

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