5 Trends to Keep In Mind for Updating Your Web Design 

5 Web Design Trends for 2022

Thinking about sprucing up your business website or blog to prepare for the new year? Many savvy business owners and web development professionals are partnering to bring the latest web design trends to life on user experience based websites.

In this article, we discuss five web development trends that are sure to enhance user experiences for website visitors in 2022.

Trend #1. Bright Colors Are In

Savvy web developers and digital marketers know it takes originality and creativity to break through all the noise on the web. Web development technicians understand the need to stand out in the crowd. They have accepted the challenge and are incorporating wild combinations and bold, bright colors to make a new statement in web design.

Trend #2. Use Artificially Intelligent Customer Service

Website visitors now have access to their favorite brands and stores online 24-hours a day. Embedded chatbots bring artificially intelligent conversations to today’s websites. Your visitors can get answers to frequently asked questions right from your web page. This makes it easier for them to make buying decisions on-the-spot.

Trend #3. Find Information Faster Using Voice Activated Search

Besides adding bold colors and artificial intelligence to websites, a savvy web development professional can take your website users’ experience to the next level when they add voice activated search. This interactive feature allows website users to search for specific content by speaking their query out loud when they activate voice search.

Trend #4. Personalized Interfaces Create Memorable User Experiences

Forward-thinking web development pros help smart website owners understand the value of adding personalization to their sites. They geared user experience based interfaces toward a better experience for website visitors.

Adding in features that address users by their first name or their designated username is a new way to personalize website users’ experiences. Your customers will be delighted when your website addresses them by name!

Trend #5. Dynamic Lead Generation Forms Collect Leads

Collecting qualified inbound leads becomes an automated process when web developers embed dynamic contact forms into your site. These forms can collect important information, including names, addresses, email, and phone numbers.

Potential customers submit this voluntary information through dynamic contact forms on your site. Using these forms makes it easy for businesses and marketing professionals to build dynamic lists for lead generation, newsletter sign-ups, and email marketing campaigns.

The Best Web Design Professionals Can Bring Your Website to Life!

If you’re excited about incorporating these popular web design trends into your business website or blog — Vertex Visibility can offer you professional web design services that take your website to the next level!

Contact one of our web development professionals to learn how we can update your website today!


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