Is Print Marketing a Thing of the Past?

Has print marketing gone the way of DVD’s? Not a chance! In fact, astute businesses can improve their results by making print marketing the foundation of their complete strategy. Hard copy has several benefits that are not shared by digital, particularly when it comes to developing brand recognition.


  • Target Marketing – Printed material makes it easier to target specific markets. Providing brochures, catalogs and flyers to your key customers places your brand where you want it. Personalized introductions on your company letterhead are more memorable than an email that is easily forgotten once it has been opened.
  • Visibility – Industry specific material that you provide is generally not discarded once it has been read. It is more likely to be kept, staying around as a visual reminder of your business. Having your logo in front of your customer on a regular basis is a sure fire way to have your brand remembered.
  • Variety – print marketing is not limited to a screen. There are a wide variety of print mediums to get your message across. Apart from the usual business cards, letterheads and brochures, there are almost limitless products that can be used. Think coffee cups, caps, pens etc.
  • Information Retention – research indicates that print is easier to read and absorb than digital. It leads to more critical reflection of what is being read. One reason for this is that the reader is not trying to multitask, as is the case when surfing the web. It has also been observed that memory of print marketing is better than that of digital marketing.
  • High Response Rate – statistics show that the return on investment for print marketing is still higher than digital. It also drives greater brand recall than digital. More people act on printed mail advertisements compared to digital advertisements.
  • Trust – printed material is still seen as more trustworthy than online ads. Consider the ease of handing someone a flier to the feeling you sometimes get just before clicking on an online ad!
  • Link to Your Digital Presence – print marketing gives you the opportunity to link to your web pages. The use of QR codes and tracking URLs is a great way to link offline activities to your digital presence.


The effectiveness of tangible, physical print media is without doubt. Numerous studies have been conducted to verify the above points. Combining print marketing with a digital presence will help drive higher response rates.

Both print and digital marketing have their place in business, and both are complemented by the other. Taking advantage of the benefits of printed material to reinforce your brand will help you drive your success.

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