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What Does Social Media Management Entail?

Social media management involves overseeing a business’s social media profiles and leveraging marketing strategies to achieve bottom-of-the-funnel conversion goals. It also requires igniting genuine conversations and building vibrant communities on behalf of brands.

The path to becoming a social media manager is unique for everyone, with some people pursuing this career right out of college and others discovering their love for marketing after working in another industry. Regardless of your journey, there are 10 high-impact tasks that all social media managers must master.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is a foundational activity in social media management that helps businesses understand their current and potential audience members. It also helps them measure performance and ROI, especially when it comes to budget.

MCSs can use social media monitoring tools to collect and analyze consumer posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, message boards and other social media sites and channels. These tools are based on innovative IT and data analytics techniques and can search for specific keywords or phrases.

Great social media managers have problem-solving skills to address customer concerns and make sure they’re resolved promptly. They also know how to work with a limited budget to achieve maximum results. Additionally, they know that platforms change and can adapt to ensure their strategy remains effective. This is particularly important for brands that rely on their online presence to drive bottom-of-the-funnel conversions like purchases, sign-ups and subscriptions. Social media management tools help make these processes more efficient. They also enable MCSs to gain insight into the effectiveness of their supervision activities and identify risks and issues quickly.

Social Media Optimization

Unlike more traditional marketing efforts that are one-sided, social media offers brands an opportunity to engage directly with consumers. This type of personalized communication creates rapport, affinity and brand loyalty.

While a company can use a variety of tactics to reach their marketing goals on social media, they need to have the right tools to make this happen efficiently. This includes using software that helps them scale their publishing workflows and ensures they post at the highest quality possible.

The ideal software will also provide advanced analytics that help them understand what’s working and not. For instance, they can compare follower growth to the previous year and analyze how this is translating into engagement. They can also benchmark their performance against the competition and their industry. This information is crucial to single out the factors that are driving or hindering their progress. It will allow them to focus on what’s working and make the necessary changes.

Social Media Content Creation

The best social media content creators possess strong writing skills to produce engaging and informative posts on behalf of their brand. In addition, they can apply problem-solving skills to resolve issues that might arise in the course of managing a brand’s online presence.

They must understand the audience personas of their social media followers so they can create content that speaks to them directly and in a way that increases engagement and loyalty. This can help a brand stand out from competitors and achieve its marketing goals.

When interviewing for a role in this field, it’s important to highlight your strongest social media management and content creation skills. You may also be asked to explain your experience with specific platforms and programs, so prepare answers that are clear and concise. For example, if you’re asked about your experience with photo editing or video editing, be ready to provide examples. You can also use comprehensive social media management software such as Khoros or Emplifi to manage your social media activities efficiently.

Social Media Engagement

The best social media managers have a deep understanding of the way their audience interacts with the platforms. This allows them to craft content that will engage users and entice them to convert on your site or app.

They also know when to post to get the most engagement. Posting at the wrong time can have a negative impact on your brand and cause your posts to fail to reach your desired audience.

Finally, social media marketers are also able to benchmark their performance against the competition. This helps them understand whether a decline in performance is unique to their brand or part of a wider trend, such as a newsfeed algorithm change.

A professional marketing company can provide your business with the expertise, experience and tools it needs to succeed on the social media platforms. They can help you define your goals, create and execute a strategy, manage the creation of content, analyze data and metrics and report back to management.

Contact Us For Social Media Management

Are you looking for help with your social media management? Vertex Visibility can help! We have a team of experienced social media managers who can help you create and execute a social media strategy that will help you reach your business goals.

We offer a wide range of social media management services, including:

  • Content creation
  • Community management
  • Social media advertising
  • Social media analytics

We can help you with any aspect of your social media marketing, from creating a content calendar to managing your social media ads.

To learn more about our social media management services or to schedule a consultation, contact us today. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on our latest blog posts and insights.

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